@2017 Belmont Baptist Church 

About us

Belmont Baptist is a Christ-centred, evangelical church that seeks to communicate the life-changing message of the Good News of Jesus Christ in a loving, relevant and biblical fashion.

Within our church family there are people from many walks of life with various social, economic, cultural and religious backgrounds. We feel this diversity is healthy and that a range of personal perspectives serves only to broaden our corporate view. The basic Baptist tenet of the freedom of individuals to interpret the Scriptures as the Holy Spirit guides them, extends to all aspects of our worship.

Within any diversity, however, we remain committed to some fundamental truths which we believe are essential to Biblical Christianity.

Join us every Sunday at 9.30 am  


We'd love to hear from you!

25 - 27 Maude Street,
P.O. Box 320
Belmont, NSW 2280


Telephone: +61 0414 469 671
E-mail: postmaster@belmontbaptist.org.au

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