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Important Information - coronavirus provisions

In response to concern about the serious situation posed by the novel coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2)

the decision has been made at this time to close down many non-essential church activities to discourage the unwitting spread of the disease it causes (COVID19).

There will be NO Sunday services – until further notice.
               Ruby Girls will NOT meet – until further notice.
               Friendship Circle will NOT meet – until further notice.
               KYB will NOT meet – until further notice.

COMMUNITY MEAL – MONDAY NIGHTS    The team would like to continue the meal but under new guidelines. We would like to provide a service to folk who are struggling etc.

So the Kitchen Team will be cooking TAKE-AWAY meals. The meals can be collected from the hall around 6pm. Social distancing will be in force. And strict hygiene guidelines will be enforced.  We feel this can be a service to folk including our own people.

LIFE GROUPS  Each group needs to make up its own mind. If you do meet, the guidelines

that are in place need to be followed. In some circumstances you may decide not to meet.

OFFERINGS are an important part of our ministry. Our expenses will continue.

EFT is a convenient option, especially when set up as a recurring transaction.

Details are:   BSB 704-922   Account # 100 003 342

We will endeavour to arrange a secure depository for your cash offerings, shortly.


KEEPING IN TOUCH   Please be in prayer, and make a conscious effort to stay in contact with others. This will be increasingly important for both our church community and others - especially those on their own - as this situation appears to be here to stay, for some time.

Weekly events

See calendar for a timeslot that suits you, and contact information; or call David Sarich (Elder) 0466 791468