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Just over 2,000 years ago, Jesus started teaching people about a new kingdom that would eventually take over the world. His kingdom. Only, it wasn’t a kingdom with with soldiers, castles or lands. It was a new way to live! He showed us how to LOVE each other, and how to LOVE the God who created us. In fact, He was that God! 


Jesus’ message came as a surprise to most people. After all, being JOYFUL, KIND and CARING all the time can be pretty hard. But as people listened and followed Jesus’ ways, their lives began to change for the better. They passed on the message, and even more people started following Jesus. In just 3 years, Jesus’s message became a REVOLUTION… and it’s still growing today!


God's kingdom is a REVOLUTION worth LOVING for! It gives us a PURPOSE for our lives, and a HOPE for our eternity. We believe that every young person should get the opportunity to join Gods amazing kingdom, and the abundant life it holds for us.  That’s how our Youth Group gets it’s name, and that’s why we’re here. 

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Call 0422 579 512 - Liam | Youth Coordinator

Email revyouth@belmontbaptist.org.au